Human Capital

The concept Human Capital considers human resources in an organization not disparagingly, not as a monetary quantity or as a source of costs but as an asset.

Christian Scholz


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The intangible assets of a company - also the Human Capital - contributes to sustain the long-term success of a company. It is also its primary insurance for its sustainability.

To gain advantage from the Human Capital we need to identify and to promote the skills and abilities of the employees, to recognize their experience and education, their creativity and their willingness to innovate and to make them useful for the company.

Mobile communication sets the employee in a state of constant availability. This can cause overwork and stress that needs to be compensated.

BiwH shows ways to safeguard the "Human Capital" from pressure and overload.

Our goal is to sharpen the senses with treatments, for example Ayurveda, Heldenprinzip, AnthroProfil, Feldenkrais that should help to improve awareness for the relevance of an healthy nutrition and a balanced life style.


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